Screaming Water

This route is definitelly not a stroll in the park and it is reccomended only to those who have prior canyoning experience and a reasonably good level of fitnnes. It's 500 meters of vertical descend and it's fifteen waterfalls (most range between 20 and 30 meters) make it an unforgetable experience and a challenge for all canyoning enthousiasts!

We will get a first hand experience of the natural beauty of the forests of Mount Olympus as we hike to the begining of the route, for about one hour and a half. The descend is thrilling, with big abseils, interesting canyoning tecniques, super exciting jumps and steep waterslides, but also demanding as it will take a team (of maximum 8 people) about 6 hours to complete it. But it will take much much longer for the smilles to faint!

If you believe that you are up to it, Screaming Water canyon is the best canyoning experience Mount Olympus can give you!!!

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