Our entry level canyon which introduces canyoning as an activity! 

We consider it perfect for first-time canyoning groups as it offers a complete package of jumps, abseils and waterslides.

 The canyon itself is located on the eastern side of Mt. Olympus and is usually under sunlight throughout the day making it perfect for new groups. It is a "wide bed" canyon, which means exposure to the water is optional during the walking segments. Water flow is all year round and presents no danger even during heavy rain.

 Entry to the starting location of the route is done by a short hike (aprox.25mins) following cleared paths that hug the canyons wall. Our exit point is immediately infront of our vans and requires no hiking! 

 Abseils,jumps and watersliding!

 During the entire canyon duration, everyone will learn how to abseil down waterfalls safely and will have many opportunities on varying heights to explore abseiling technique. The canyon is also quite heavy on jumping! We will learn how to technically jump off and land into water, how to shallow water jump, how to scream effectively to allow for excellent pictures and for those who wish, how to flip (from a low jump)! And lets not forget about the waterslides. Small and big.

 The canyon also offers a variation for all waterfalls! Which means, everyone can try things out without having to commit beyond their limits. And let's not forget, that everything is taught at the entry of the canyon for maximum fun during the activity!

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