About Baseline

About Baseline Baseline Sports

Baseline was created in 2011 by two people who brought together their experience, their knowledge and their love for mountains, nature and sports in an effort to bring more people closer to the amazing sport of Canyoning.

Since 2013 Baseline is an affiliated Canyoning Center of the International Canyoning Organization for Proffesionals (ICOPro). ICOPro is considered to be a model for international organization and development of canyoning practise. Its purpose is to develop Canyoning throughout the world through an international high-level and professional network of experts, instructors and ICOPro affiliated centers which are always focusing on safety.

ICOPro instructors, trainers and ICOPRO affiliated centers are highly qualified and experts in their field. ICOPro is constantly improving Canyoning standards in order to suit all people involved in it. Training programs from ICOPro instructors and the quality control of ICOPro affiliated centers allow the organization to follow the progression of each learner and to adapt and improve constantly.

With safety being the first concern, Baseline organizes and suggests trips and escapes that will get you in touch with the most breathtaking natural beauties, will entertain you, test and develop your skills and become an exciting memory from your time in Greece. Excellence is our daily commitment, we concentrate on high-standard canyoning training in order to offer fun and security adapted to every person and every type of canyon. 

The people behind Baseline are Nathan and Panos:

Nathan Nanos

Athanasios Nathan Nanos or just “Thanos” as people prefer to call him, can usually be found a safe distance away from the city, hanging from a (relatively safe) rock or on some lonely beach with his books trying desperately to avoid the phrase “lets go for a coffee”.

During the winters he spends his time teaching english as a foreign language and writes articles for university publications. At nights, you will find him practising Wing Chun  and trying to dance at various venues. He is a certified Level 2 Alpine Ski Instuctor within the British Association of Snowsport Instuctors (BASI) and on weekends he teaches skiing and wonders at the speed developed by his students.

In the summer he spends his time mostly canyoning and on his free days can usually be found on beaches with his dog, scuba diving and trying to stay upright on bikes and windsurfs. He has been canyoning since 2003 and his favorite pass time during canyoning is avoiding waterslides. He is certified by the Italian Scuola Nationale di Canyoning and alongside Isabella has ascended and (thankfully) descended numerous canyons alone or guiding groups during the years.

He loves “good” music, crema catallana, smiling and people who have a need for unique experiences.


Panos Papakostas

Panos Papakostas is a certified Canyoning Instructor and Alpine Ski Instructor and Co-founder of Baseline. His first involvment with Canyoning was in 2002 and pretty soon he realized that this activity represented his love for action, sports and nature. Since then, he has descended thousands of meters of rope, has made hundreds of jumps and other stunts, has guided numerous canyoning trips in Greece and in New Zealand, where he has worked as a Senior Canyoning Guide for the biggest canyoning company in the country, Canyoning.co.nz. 

He was first trained and certified in Canyoning and Rescue techniques  by the Italian Scuola Nazionale di Canyoning. Then he broadened his knowledge and understanding of Canyoning by joining the International Canyoning Organization for Proffesionals (ICOPro), where he is a Level 2 Canyoning Instructor. His involvment with ICOPro, the first and bigest global Organization for Canyoning, solidified his technical knowledge and introduced him to a wholistic new approach on the issues of pedagogy and teaching of a highly demanding and technical sport like Canyoning.

When canyoning is off season, in snowy winters, skiing is the only thing that can make him jump out of bed in the morning at 6 a.m. with a smile on his face. He is a certified Level 2 Alpine Ski Instructor with the British Association of Snowsport Instuctors and teaches young skiers the secrets of skiing.